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Dissertation Sequence

Please note this sequence will be instituted as of Fall 1, 2022

Preparing Now

Please reference our guide here for advice on what to do now to prepare for the dissertation.


Dissertation Forms

All forms will be submitted to as per described in the Dissertation Process document you were provided during onboarding.

Primary Guides

Process of the Dissertation: Steps

WU Proposal Alignment Foci

Year One 

Dissertation Onboarding Completion Form

Year Two

Prospectus Completion Form

Year Three

Committee Member Match Form

Preliminary Defense Readiness Form

Preliminary/Final Defense Feedback Form

Preliminary Defense Completion Form

Final Defense Readiness Form

Final Defense Completion Form


Additional Dissertation Related Documents 

Chair Change Request Form

Progress Plan, Year 2

Westcliff University Similarity Policy for Dissertations

Copyright Release Form

List of Editors

What to Consider When Selecting an Editor

    Doctoral Dissertation Award

    Learn about the award here
    Doctoral Dissertation Award Information

    Nomination Form
    Dissertation Chairs are able to nominate through this form