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How to Extend the Reach of Your Research

One thing for you to consider as you begin the process of publishing your research is how you can extend the reach of your work. After ensuring you have published your work in a journal that is properly indexed, consider what you can do to help yourself.

Create a Google Scholar Profile

To combine your publications and allow others to find your work easily, consider creating a Google Scholar Profile.

  1. Create a Google account (or use an existing one)
  2. Go to Google scholar
  3. Select ‘My Profile’
  4. Complete the information with an email address you will not lose access to (after graduation or moving on from a job)
  5. Add your publications (ensure you are only adding publications that are deemed ‘credible’)
  6. Make your profile ‘public’ (this will allow your articles to be discoverable)
  7. Should you like a handout walking you through the steps, please see the Google Scholar Profile Handout.

Create an ORCID ID

An ORCID ID is a unique identifier that you can use which separates you from all other researchers.

  1. Go to the ORCID ID website
  2. Select ‘register’ and enter your information (this is free)
  3. Use your id when sharing or publishing your content

Share your work on Social Media, Linkedin, or any other Professional Network

Using social media can help to boost the number of people who see your work but can also provide you with the space to interact with the research community. For some methods of doing this effectively, please click here.

Increase discoverability through SEO and keywords

Please refer to Wiley’s search engine discoverability tips by clicking here.