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Important Notes on the Resources

Project Completion Report: The last step in the IRB process is submission of the Project Completion Report by the principal investigator at the conclusion of the research project in accordance with federal regulations. The form is completed after the final defense and is submitted as part of the final dissertation paperwork required before degree conferral. For other research activities, it is submitted at the conclusion of the research project. Submission is the responsibility of the principal investigator and faculty research supervisor.

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI): Prior to applying for IRB certification, each principal investigator must complete the required CITI modules and document successful completion as part of his or her application. Westcliff University faculty are also required to complete the CITI modules necessary for their status as a chairperson or member for a dissertation, or for seeking IRB certification of the faculty member’s research project. The training must be renewed in 3-year intervals.

Combining the application: When submitting an application for review, the application and all documents must be combined into a single pdf document. It can be combined using Adobe X which is available on the campus computers. There are also free 3rd party software applications available online. Do not digitally sign the document until it is combined.

Do not submit an Adobe Portfolio or separate files. This will delay the review process.