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The Westcliff University Writing Center’s mission is to collaborate with you as advocates for your academic success by not focusing on grade increases or what must be ‘fixed,’ but instead, focusing on developing your confidence in what you produce and ensuring you feel supported along the way.

We offer support at any point in your process of writing: outlining, drafting, reviewing the final draft, or even after you have received feedback from your professor and would like help understanding specifically how to connect that feedback to your writing. We also offer reviews on a variety of types of documents: discussion questions, CLAs, PAs, deliverables, lesson plans, and even resumes or cover letters! Our writing center specialists come from a wide array of backgrounds and expertise in how to support you in whatever writing type you send our way! The Writing Center provides asynchronous reviews of papers which means you do not have to be present to have your assignment reviewed.

Services We Provide

Westcliff University Undergraduate Writing Center provides the following free support services for students actively enrolled at Westcliff University.

Written Feedback

We understand your time is limited. Send us your assignment or draft and we will look it over and send feedback to you within 48 hours! (Remember, not including Sundays).

We also understand that we are all different, and thus, different types of feedback might work better for some of us than others. At the Westcliff University Writing Center, you get a say in how you want your feedback to be given. We currently offer:

Comment on Everything!

This type of feedback is in-depth, extensive, and leaves it up to your editor what they identify as they read through your work.


This type of feedback is for those of you who prefer a say in what your editors will focus on. You can select two main areas for review.


This feedback is for those of you who prefer to listen to an editor explain your feedback rather than read it

Student Reviews: Writing Center

I use the Writing Center all the time because of the great feedback! Since I moved here, I feel like I have improved my writing skills, which the Writing Center definitely can take a lot of credit for. I also appreciate how fast most of the feedback is given and how much patience they have. It has really helped me to get good grades

– Christine Thorvaldsen

Very useful tips and comments and the team is very professional and helpful. I highly recommend the Writing Center for students who seek to improve their writing skills

– Hala Ghazi

I love how carefully the Writing Center looked at my papers every single time I submitted. The best part was that they recognized my improvement over the past 3 years and gave me compliments on how I wrote my papers! They helped me become a better writer, and I am confident that their help contributed to my grades!! I am very thankful that I had this resource available whenever I needed

– Shiori Yabe

I would like to thank the Writing Center for helping me with all my assignments. I can guarantee to all of you that the Writing Center will help you in achieving better grades for your assignments

– Peeraphat Vitoorapakorn

It’s true that practice makes perfect. I use the Writing Center as they are a great advisor to help me write better.

– In Sun Seo

Westcliff University does an amazing job offering resources for students to succeed. So my advice is to use those resources. The Writing Center provides all the resources students need to be successful in their program and achieve their desired grade, so use their resources. Writing assignments can be daunting at times, but it is 100% worth the extra time and effort to receive feedback from the Writing Center so your assignments and writing is the best it can possibly be.

– Tayler Henslick

Resources We Provide

Having trouble trying to remember APA rules? Wish you could see a sample of a completed DQ or Lesson Plan? Want clarification on how to use the WU library? Check out our vast array of pre-recorded tutorials, handouts and samples!