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Faculty Support

Faculty Support

While the Writing Center is a support resource for students, it is also meant to be a support resource for you as educators.

How Can the Writing Center Support Me?

The Writing Center consists of a team of professionals who can offer support in aiding the students in your class and aiding you in your professional development goals.

Faculty can submit future publications to the Doctoral Writing Center for review and copyediting support. See information on submissions here.

Support for Your Students

If you identify students who are struggling with aspects such as understanding the assignments, compiling a properly formatted and well written assignment, or are not understanding what plagiarism consists of, we can help!

Meeting with Students. If you would like us to reach out to your student individually, send an email to your student and cc writinghelp@westcliff.edu. Make the introduction, and we will take it from there!

Going into Classes. If you would like us to come into your class to speak about a writing related topic, please book an appointment with us here (access with your @Westcliff.edu email). You can select from pre-set workshops we have available.

Make a Request.

Assignment Support: If there is a specialized assignment that your students commonly struggle with, request a tutorial be made about how to complete the assignment. Some examples of what we have created in the past include: DQE Completion, Writing the TESOL Portfolio.

Request form (access with your @Westcliff.edu email).

Tutorial Request: If you cannot find a tutorial related to a common writing struggle you see with your students, let us know! We will be happy to make a tutorial to meet your needs. Some examples of what we have created in the past include: Thesis Statements, Avoiding Plagiarism in the Literature Review.

Request form (access with your @Westcliff.edu email).

APA Practice.

Students can practice their APA in one of two ways. We have a self-test they can take here (access with your @Westcliff.edu email) to practice. You can also use our premade Kahoot to practice with them in class!

Tips on Feedback to Student Writing

Providing effective feedback to students has been identified as a crucial aspect of student success (Brown et al., 2014; Evans, 2013; Orsmond & Merry, 2011). We have compiled some useful tips and some aspects of consideration for you in this process. Please see below.

Tips on Supporting ESL/EFL Students

Here are some tips on how you can support and understand the ESL students in your courses. Click here

International Students and Remote Learning

A variety of research has been done on effective feedback practices. Here is a list of the top five approaches in providing feedback based on student perception. Click here.

Empowering Student Voice

Consider how the feedback you provide can empower student voice and encourage their engagement in the process of learning. Here is an explanation of what student voice is, why we need to empower it, and how we can do that through the feedback provided and the way we grade. Click here.

APA 7th Refreshers

APA 7th edition requires specific formatting and adherence to particular rules for student assignments. To ensure you are grading fairly on the formatting, consider going through our refresher tutorials! (At the end, you will be provided with a cheat-sheet you can use as you grade your students.)

APA Refresher, Part 1. For part one of the training, please click here (access with your @Westcliff.edu email).
APA Refresher, Part 2. For part two of the training, please click here (access with your @Westcliff.edu email).