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In-Class Workshops

The Writing Center has compiled a list of pre-set in-class workshops that instructors can choose from. Simply read through the list of available options, select what works best for you and submit a request to book the time slot with a writing center specialist.

Important aspects to note:

  1. Writing specialists will run these workshops digitally via Zoom
  2. Writing specialists will need to be made ‘co-hosts’ for these sessions
  3. All workshops are interactive and involve student participation
  4. Each session lasts between 15-30 minutes
  5. Requests must be made two-weeks in advance
Talk to Your Advisor

Workshop Options

Introduction to Writing Center

Introduction to the Writing Center

(15 minutes)
In this workshop, the writing center specialists will provide information regarding what the Writing Center is, what services are available, and what to expect. Students will be able to put a face to the Writing Center name and know how to access the depth of support available.

APA 7th Edition

APA 7th Edition

(30 minutes)
In this workshop, students will be introduced to the main aspects of APA 7th edition formatting, including how to write the title page, format in-text citations, and generate a reference page.

Use Sources Develop Argument

Using Sources to Develop an Argument

(30 minutes)
In this workshop, students will be introduced to ways to avoid letting a quotation speak for them, and instead, show them how to use citations to develop an argument that is evidence-based and clear.

After Completing Dissertation

Academic Writing Principles

(20 minutes)
In this workshop, students will be introduced to the main principles of academic writing and how to maintain professionalism in their papers.

Avoiding Plagarism

Avoiding Plagiarism

(20 minutes)
In this workshop, students will be guided through an explanation of what plagiarism entails. The writing specialist will explain practical tips for how to avoid plagiarism and engage students in the process of practicing this crucial skill.

Pre-Recorded Options

If a specialist is not available, consider showing your class a pre-recorded video. The ones we have available currently include:
Setting an Appointment with the ARC (access with your @Westcliff.edu email)
APA 7th Edition

Can’t find what you are looking for?
Venture over to our resources tab to see if there is a tutorial available regarding the topic you would like to share with your students. If the tutorial is not available, consider submitting a tutorial request (access with your @Westcliff.edu email).

Book us for Your Class

To book us for your class, please submit a request here indicating time, date, and workshop selection.
Should a specialist be available to meet your request, we will confirm the deadline with you. If no one is available, we will contact you to determine next steps.

Please note you can access the link below with your @Westcliff.edu email.