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Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Kyle Allison

Educational background: DBA – Global Business and Leadership, and MBA-Management
Subject matter expertise: Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, and Analytics Experience
Dissertation title: Senior Retail Leaders Perceptions on the Outlook of the Retail Industry
Research interests: Marketing Strategy, Web/Digital/Marketing Analytics, Ecommerce, Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing, Retail, Brand Marketing, Advertising

Previous Publications
Allison, K. (2021). Sciences, Digital Analytics & Strategies.
Prior Work Experience
Dr. Allison has worked in the digital marketing, ecommerce, and retail industry for over 15 years. Dr. Allison has executive leadership experience, currently as a VP in the field, where they have supported and lead strategies centered around digital marketing, digital analytics, ecommerce operations, website merchandising, market research and more. Dr. Allison is versatile in analytical, technical, and business strategic planning and has worked for major retailers such as Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods and The Exchange.
Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Oday Alnabhan

Educational background: DBA in Business Administration, MA in Human Resources Management and BA in Economics & Administration Sciences (Financial & Banking Sciences)
Subject matter expertise: Business Administration, Human Resources Management, Emotional Intelligence, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Sales Management, Strategic Management
Dissertation title: Effects of Emotional Intelligence on Sales Performance in the Telecom Industry Located in Sacramento, California, United States
Research interests: Emotional Intelligence, Organizational Leadership, Human Resource Management & Development, Human Resource Capital, Innovation and Creativity in the Workplace, Knowledge Management, Sales & Marketing Management, Organizational Behavior, Consumer Behavior, Business Ethics, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Change Management, Entrepreneurship

Previous Publications


Prior Work Experience

Dr. Alnabhan has over ten years experience as a higher education lecturer, teaching several business administration and management courses. During his career as a higher education lecturer, Dr. Alnabhan created and developed multiple business and management curricula at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He also served as a member of various academic quality assurance committees, such as the Review Committee, the Effectiveness of Quality Management Assurance committee, the Student Progression and Achievement committee, and the Student Support and Guidance Committee. Since 2017 Dr. Alnabhan has also worked in the professional field, specifically in the U.S telecom industry, as a District Sales & Operations Manager, Retail Sales Manager, and recently a Human Resource Professional, helping Telecom companies grow, lead their human resource capital, and achieve their financial and strategic goals.

Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Kate Andrews

Educational background: PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, MA in Educational Technology, MA in Psychology, BS in Mathematics
Subject matter expertise: Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies, Cultural Differences, Human Resources, Organizational Leadership, Consulting, Coaching for Excellence
Dissertation title: Measurement of Patient Satisfaction in a Naval Medical Hospital
Research interests: Leadership/Management, Employee Development, Human Resources, Performance Management, Customer Satisfaction, SixSigma/Lean Manufacturing, Cultural Attributes in the Working Arena, Organizational Leadership

Previous Publications
Petrie, E. J., Neito, A. G., Andrews, K. A. (2021). Racial differences in perceptions of shared leadership among IT managers. In R. Jackson, & A. Reboulet (Eds), Effective strategies for communicating insights in business (pp. 101-128). IGI Publications.

Andrews, K., & Mohammed, T. (2020). Strategies for reducing employee turnover in small- and medium- sized enterprises. Westcliff International Journal of Applied Research, 4(1), 57-71.

Andrews, K., & Mickahail, B. (2019). Business and social media: Collaboration for the sixth discipline. In I. Management Association (Ed.), Social entrepreneurship: concepts, methodologies, tools, and applications (pp. 1017-1030). IGI Global. http://doi:10.4018/978-1-5225-8182-6.ch052

Andrews, K. (2017). Diversity in learning. In C. T. E. de Aquino, & R. W. Robertson (Eds)., Diversity in learning: Aligning initiatives with strategic business goals. Springer Publishing.

Andrews, K., & Mickahail, B. (2017). Embracing people with special needs and disabilities. In C. T. E. de Aquino, & R. W. Robertson (Eds)., Diversity and inclusion in the global workplace: Aligning initiatives with strategic business goals. Springer Publishing.

Prior Work Experience
Dr. Andrews has over 20 years’ experience as an industrial-organizational consultant, both internal and external, working with executives, teams, and individuals in areas such as performance management, leadership effectiveness, team development, and lean manufacturing. In her university teaching career of 25 years, Dr. Andrews has facilitated a plethora of courses covering all levels of organizations and individuals. Currently, she is thoroughly enjoying mentoring dissertation students as she has been doing for 14 years in many areas such as increasing retention, lean manufacturing, exceeding customer satisfaction, leadership challenges, and trust in management in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, solar energy, and communications industries. Before Dr. Andrews completed her PhD, she was an engineering specialist and program manager in the Middle East. She initiated and developed a humanitarian organization working with people of Roma descent who were indigent in Romania.
Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. James M. Bayliff

Educational background: MA of Liberal Arts in History, MA of Arts in Diplomacy, PhD Industrial and Organizational Psychology, MBA in International Business, MA of Arts in Project Management, MS Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Subject matter expertise: I/O Psychology, History, Political Science, international Business
Dissertation title: Experiences with Cultural Appropriateness of Multinationals in India: A Generic Qualitative Study (See here)
Research interests: I/O Psychology, History, Political Science, international Business

Previous Publications

Cowboys and India; Enron Dabhol Power Plant, and Postcolonial Attitudes A Historical Perspective

Prior Work Experience

Dr. Bayliff has been a senior dissertation chair, an academic dean of the college, a college chair of business, a business owner, and a national banking executive.

Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. E. Forrest Boyd, III

Educational background: EdD, MBA
Subject matter expertise: Financial Management; Marketing Management
Dissertation title: Academic Self Regulation and Task Persistence on the Timely Completion of Assignments in an E-mail Supported Distance Learning Environment
Research interests: Human Performance at work’ Spiritualty at work

Previous Publications

Kazlauskas, E.J., Boyd, E.F., Dessouky, M.M. (2002).). In Barker, P., Rebelsky, S. (eds.). VFTS. Proceedings of ed media 2002:world conference on educational multimedia, hypermedia & telecommunications. Norfolk, VA: Association for the advancement of computing in education, 927-932.

Boyd, Edwin F. III (1999). Automating an Order-Entry Process. In B. Sugrue and J. Fuller (Eds.), Performance Interventions: Selecting, Implementing, and Evaluating the Results (pp.71-77). Alexandria, VA: American Society for Training & Development

Prior Work Experience

Dr. E. Forrest Boyd, III has been the Region Sales Finance and Contracts Manager of the Western Region for HP. He has also been the Credit Policy Analyst, Home Savings and a Branch Manager for Southwest Savings and Loan.

Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Jumelle Nickerson-Brooks

Educational background: Doctorate of Health Administration with emphasis in Policies and Advocacy, Master of Business Administration, and Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with Healthcare Management
Subject matter expertise: Business, Advocacy, Education, Healthcare and Policies
Dissertation title: Health Literacy: The Earlier, The Better
Research interests: Organizational Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Business Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Employee Satisfaction, Public Health, Literacy and Educational Leadership

Previous Publications


Prior Work Experience

Dr. Brooks has served as an adjunct faculty member, Learning Management Administrator,
Program Chair, Academic Dean, Director of Education, Campus President, and Director of Academic Affairs. Dr. Brooks has taught Information Technology, Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Assisting, Business Administration, Computer Science, and Organizational Management classes. Dr. Brooks has developed a curriculum in Business, Healthcare, and Information Technology at the undergraduate level.

Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. David Bull

Educational background: PhD in healthcare administration, Doctorate in Business Administration,  MBA in healthcare management, MS in agronomy, BSc in agricultural education
Subject matter expertise: Healthcare Management, Business Administration, Leadership, Management, Social Change
Dissertation title: Situational leadership and employee turnover intent: A critical examination of healthcare organizations, hospital manager dominant leadership style, and subordinate job satisfaction.
Research interests: Health services management, Leadership and leadership style, Employee job satisfaction and turnover, Culture and diversity, Forced migration and public health.

Previous Publications
Bull, D. A. (2018). Employee readiness and turnover intent: A critical examination of hospital employees. International Journal of Health Sciences, 6(1), 261 – 271. 

Bull, D. A. (2018). Hospital manager leadership adaptability score and subordinate job satisfaction: Is there a link? Journal of Health Sciences, 6(1), 135 – 151. 

Bull, D. A. (2018). Is supervisor leadership style related to employee turnover intentions? International Journal of management and Commerce Innovations, 6(1), 1787 – 1799. 

Bull, D. A. (2018). Are there differences in leadership style among hospital supervisors based on demographic characteristics? International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research and Innovations, 6(2), 163 – 173. 

Bull, D. A. (2018). The relationship between supervisor dominant leadership style and hospital worker job satisfaction: subordinate perspective. International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research, 6(2), 463 – 482.

Prior Work Experience
Dr. Bull has over 20 years of experience working in the healthcare industry in management and as an instructor. He has taught courses in healthcare and related disciplines and has mentored graduate students through their thesis and dissertation processes with success. Presently, he is a lead faculty for health administration at his parent university, and a subject matter expert in healthcare management, business administration, leadership, management, and social change.
Javaid Syed

Dr. Lance Caldwell

Educational background: Ph.D. in Cybersecurity, M.B.A., B.S. in Psychology, 4 A.A.B’s, and various professional certifications.
Subject matter expertise: Cybersecurity
Dissertation title: Cybersecurity as a Human Right: A Reformulation of the Theoretical Framework of Securitization Theory (see here).
Research Interests: Cybersecurity, Business Management, Data Analytics, Computer Science, Machine Learning, & Artificial Intelligence

Previous Publications


Prior Work Experience

Dr. Caldwell possesses over 20 years of experience as a certified cybersecurity professional. He is currently an active duty service member of the U.S. Space Force that defends various space satellite networks to support launch, recovery, maneuverability, and resupply of the International Space Station. Dr. Caldwell’s career culminates a number of varied assignments across Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and North America. Additionally, his breadth of experience includes positions within embassies, NATO, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), and various international governmental support and lead functions.

Javaid Syed

Dr. George Conley Jr.

Educational background: Doctor of Business Administration (Apollos University), Master of Business Administration (Apollos University), Master of Arts in Management (National University), Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts (Excelsior College), Associate of Arts in Human Resources Management (Coastline College), Associate of Arts in Electrical Mechanical Technology (Coastline College)
Subject matter expertise: Dr. Conley conducted graduate study research in Enterprise Research Planning (ERP). The study assessed whether specific factors lead to organizational failure when it comes to implementing an enterprise resource planning system utilizing vendor solutions. He has also authored a book in the area of ERP systems.
Dissertation title: The implementation of ERP in an organization: Utilizing vendor solutions.
Research Interests: Enterprise Resource Planning.

Previous Publications
Conley, G. (2017). The implementation of ERP in an organization: Utilizing vendor solutions. Createspace Independent Publishing Platform.
Prior Work Experience
Dr. George Conley is a navy veteran and experienced trainer/instructor/professor with a proven record of success in organizational management, employee management, combat systems management, 3M management, quality assurance, project management, program management, performance management, and maintenance control. He served 29 years as a Navy Chief Warrant Officer 4. Duties included: Weapons Officer, System Test Officer, Fire Control Officer, Ordnance Officer, Ammunition Logistics Officer, and Mine Field Planning Officer. Natural leader with strong communication abilities, enabling team members to be effectively trained while maintaining a high morale and focusing on a singular goal. Service manager committed to maintaining exceptional customer satisfaction by managing procedures, engaging throughout projects and building lasting relationships.
Javaid Syed

Dr. Eugene Dokes

Educational background: PhD in Organization Management, MA of Business Administration, BA in Business Administration with Minors in Psychology, Sociology and Management
Subject matter expertise: Marketing Strategy, Management Strategy, Business Administration, Leadership, Management, Entrepreneurship
Dissertation title: Influence of Local Government Policies on Entrepreneurship in St. Charles County, Missouri (See here)
Research Interests: Organizational Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Business Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Strategy

Previous Publications
Prior Work Experience
Dr. Dokes is a U.S. Navy veteran, real estate professional and entrepreneur. He has launched several ventures including a communications retail, real estate brokerage and an investment firm. He has worked in education since 2013 teaching a wide variety of business classes including management, entrepreneurship, general business, marketing, economics, human resources, business law, leadership and business math.
Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Mahmoud Elsayess

Educational background: PhD. in Information Technology, M.A. in Computer Science, B.S. in Accounting
Subject matter expertise: Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Big Data, Information Technology, Management, Strategic Planning
Dissertation title: The relationship of negotiation and reciprocity to knowledge sharing among software developers (See here).
Research interests: Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Big Data

Previous Publications
Elsayess, M. (2020). Cyber security and normalization theory. International Journal of Computer Engineering and Technology, 11(3), 1-10.
Prior Work Experience
Dr. Elsayess is an adjunct instructor of Information Technology at the University of Phoenix and the University of Cumberland, specializing in information technology and project management. He teaches PMP workshops that prepare students for the PMI exam. The success rate of his students for passing the PMI exam on the first trial is 87.5%. He has been teaching for the last 20 years with six years of teaching PMP courses in the USA. He is responsible for project management on a very advanced project that involves digitizing documents, developing complex interfaces to many hardware devices, and publishing extracted data to a website. Additionally, his responsibility includes the planning for Cybersecurity and the process of Big Data.
Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. LaJuan Perronoski Fuller

Educational background: Ph. D.B.A. in Management and Organizations
Subject matter expertise: Data Analytics, Leadership, Management, Business Administration, HRM
Dissertation title: Trust: A Pathway to Overcome Tacit Knowledge Transfer Barriers. (See here).
Research interests: Business Administration, Organizational Leadership, Management, Human Resource Management

Previous Publications

Fuller, L. P. (2022). Employee Perception of Leadership Toler- ance of Deviance and the Moral Disengage- ment from Organizational Citizenship Be- havior. Journal of Human Resource and Sus- tainability Studies, 10, 356-379.

Fuller, L. (2022) Normative Legitimacy Management and The Expansion of Purpose-Driven Workforces Through Organizational Identity. International Business Research, 15(6), doi 10.5539/ibr.v15n6p1

Fuller, L. (2022) Small Business Leadership and Ethical Attributes That Influence Employee Job Satisfaction. Open Journal of Business and Management, 10, 350-368. doi: 10.4236/ojbm.2022.101021

Fuller, L. (2022) Diversity and Inclusion Favoritism: Creating Distributive Injustices That Erode Organizational Identity. International Journal of Social Science Studies, 10(1), 78-92. doi:10.11114/ijsss.v10i15416

Fuller, L. (2021) Managing Peer-to-Peer Cooperation Using Knowledge-Based Trust and Encouraging the Willingness to Share Tacit Knowledge. Open Journal of Business and Management, 9, 1246-1262. doi: 10.4236/ojbm.2021.93067

Fuller, L. (2021) Foundational Leadership Theory: The Inward and Outward Approach to Examine Ethical Decision-Making. Open Journal of Leadership, 10, 79-94. doi: 10.4236/ojl.2021.102006

Fuller, L. (2021) Distributive Injustice: Leadership Adherence to Social Norm Pressures and the Negative Impact on Organizational Commitment. International Business Research, 14(9), 21-37. doi:10.5539/ibr.v14n9p21

Fuller, L. (2021) Foundational Leadership Theory: A New Ethical Approach to Reducing Knowledge-Hiding Practices Among Employees. International Journal of the Social Science Studies, 9(5), 67-76. doi: 10.11114/ijsss.v9i5.5286

Fuller, L. (2021) Foundational Leadership Theory: An Ethical Leadership Approach to Developing Positive Employee Work Engagement. Open Journal of Business and Management, 9, 2136-2151. doi: 10.4236/ojbm.2021.95113.

Shifa, M. Z., & Fuller, L. P. (2022). The Performance of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions in Balancing Social Responsibility and Financial Sustainability. Modern Economy, 13, 1269- 1291.

Prior Work Experience
LaJuan Perronoski Fuller, Ph.D., was a dissertation chair and content expert at Grand Canyon University, College of Doctoral Studies and California Intercontinental University. Additionally, he is a subject matter expert with strategic leadership, management, and knowledge sharing publications in the following peer-review journals: Open Journal of Business and Management, Open Journal of Leadership, International Business Research, International Journal of Social Science Studies, and the Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies. Dr. Fuller received certificates in data analytics from Harvard Business School and Cornell University and considered an expert in using SPSS Statistics, SPSS AMOS, SPSS Modeler, and Microsoft Excel.
Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Faith Glaspie-Ellis

Educational background: PhD in Business-Organization and Management
Subject matter expertise: Human Resources, Business Management
Dissertation title: From paper pusher to strategic partner: The hanging role of the HR professional
Research interests: Leadership and employee satisfaction, Re-entering the workforce post-pandemic

Previous Publications
Prior Work Experience
For the past 15+ years, Dr. Glaspie-Ellis has taught college and university business courses, both online and on ground.  She has chaired many dissertations and has served on several dissertation committees. She has also served on the student conduct committee, as a comprehensive exam manager, as an adjunct trainer, and a student mentor.
Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Omar Haddad

Educational background: Doctorate in Business Administration with Information Systems focus, MS and BS in Software Engineering, BS in Business Administration with International and Automotive Marketing focus.
Subject matter expertise: Business Intelligence, Business Operations, Big Data, Data Analytics, E-business Technologies, Health Informatics, Informatics for Managers, Information Systems, Information Technology, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, & Instagram Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Technical & IT Project Management, Technological Innovation, Consumer Behavior, Traditional and Digital Marketing
Dissertation title: Assessing the hiring of graduates on IT projects in Southern California
Research interests: Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Marketing, Professional and Self Development

Previous Publications
Haddad, O., Saouli, M., & Sinha, B. (2019) Factors influencing hiring of graduates for information technology projects. International Journal of Business Marketing and Management (IJBMM), 4(2), 1-9.
Prior Work Experience
Dr. Haddad has held many positions and roles in the Aerospace industry including Computer Science, Engineer, Business Analysis, IT & Technical Project Management, Systems and Enterprise Architecture, Systems Integration, Software Testing, leading the Flight Software team, and Solution Architect roles. Dr. Haddad has been leading projects and programs ranging from $1 million to $2.4 Billion in budget. Dr. Haddad has also started a consulting business helping businesses grow their online presence through e-commerce, e-business, social media marketing, and business intelligence, and in addition to his terminal degree, has completed furthering education by obtaining Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.
Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. John Hannon

Educational background: Doctor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
Subject matter expertise: Leadership, Supply Side, Project Management, IT Management
Dissertation title: Service Pattern Shifts Following the Deregulation of Domestic Airlines
Research interests: Charismatic Leadership: basis and characteristics, computer mediated education, employee retention: compensation issues in the banking and insurance industries, ethics in finance

Previous Publications
Hannon, J., Howard, T, and Ulferts, G., Leadership Styles of Small Business Owners, Linking Theory to Application, Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics, Volume XVI Issue II, 2019

Smith, D. and Hannon, J., Knowledge Management’s Role in Organizational Maturity in Project Management, Journal of Research – Granthaalayah, Volume III, Issue V, 2015

Westlund, S, and Hannon, J Retaining Talent: Assessing Job Satisfaction Facets Most Significantly Related To Software Developer Turnover Intentions, Journal of Information Technology Management, Volume XIX, number 4, 2009 Peer Reviewed

Presenter. Hannon, J., Assessment Through Business Community Input, Presentation at the Western Academy of Management, Annual Conference March 2007 Peer Reviewed

Presenter. Technology, Distance Learning and the Internet, American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD., March 2000.

Structuring Insurers’ Employee Compensation Plans, Insurers’ Guide to Enterprise-Wide Risk Management, (with Boniface, D.), January 99.

Book Review: Patrick Lencioni’s, The Five Temptations of a CEO: A Leadership Fable, Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1998, Journal of Leadership Studies, Fall 98, Vol. 5, Issue 2, 164-166.

Designing Employee Compensation for High Stress Financial Positions, Asset Securitization and Structured Finance for Financial Institutions, (with Boniface, D.), Volume 1, No. 1, January 1999, A.S. Pratt

Co-Presenter. The Hawthorne Studies, 99 Academy of Management Conference, Chicago, IL., August 1999.

Session Chair. Doctoral Student Workshop: Managing the Dissertation Process, 99 Academy of Management Conference, Chicago, IL., August 1999.

Charismatic Leadership: The Hidden Controversy, Journal of Leadership Studies, (with Gibson, J., & Blackwell, C.), December 98.

Discussant. Strategy and Structure: The Evolution of Strategy and the Impact of Technology, 98 Academy of Management Conference, San Diego, CA., August 1998.

Session Chair. Doctoral Student Workshop: Managing the Dissertation Process, 98 Academy of Management Conference, San Diego, CA., August 1998.

Book Review: Hope and Hope’s, Competing in The Third Wave, Harvard Business School Press, 1997, Journal of Leadership Studies, Spring 98, Vol. 5, Issue 2, 164 166.

Co-Presenter. Work & Management in the 21st Century an Evolutionary Perspective: The Changing Role of the Middle Manager, 97 Academy of Management Conference, Boston, MA., August 1997.

Session Chair. Getting the Most from the Academy of Management and Its Divisions, 97 Academy of Management Conference, Boston, Ma., August 1997.

Can TQM Be Effectively Implemented in the Federal Government, McCampbell, A., Hannon, J. and Miller, C., Business Journal for Entrepreneurs, October 1995.

Session Chair. Historical Perspectives and Modern-Day Issues: Information Systems and Employment Relationships, 1995 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Vancouver, BC., August 1995. Session Chair. On-Line Communication between Faculty and Students, 1995 National Education Computer Conference, Baltimore, Md., June 1995.

Test Bank for Management, to accompany Aldag & Sterns: Management. J. Hannon lead author, First Edition, Southwestern Publishing Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1987.

A Study Guide for Management, to accompany Aldag & Sterns: Management. J. Hannon lead author, First Edition, Southwestern Publishing Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1987

Instructor’s Manual, to accompany David Hampton: Management, co-authored with Dr. Gary Roberts, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, 1986

Service Pattern Shifts Following the Deregulation of Domestic Airlines, Doctoral Dissertation, Nova University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 1984.

Towards A More Effective Management Learning Experience, Managerial Frontiers: Trends and Viewpoints, The Eastern Academy of Management, Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Meeting, May 1982.

Towson Chair, Inc., Cases and Readings in Management Science, edited by Effrim Turban and N. Paul Loomba, Revised Edition, Business Publications, Inc., Plano, Texas, 1982.

Transcontinental Airways, Cases and Readings in Management Science, edited by E. Turban and N. P. Loomba, Revised Edition, Business Publications, Inc., Plano, Texas, 1982.

Prior Work Experience
Dr. Hannon has been a University Professor for 48 years, Engineer for the DOD and was in Private Manufacturing for 5 years.
Simin Hojat

Dr. Simin Hojat

Educational background: PhD in Management/Finance, MPhil in Economics, BA in Economics
Subject matter expertise: Economics, Finance, Quantitative and Qualitative Research
Dissertation title: The impact of monetary policy on the equity market (See here)
Research Interests: Economics, Finance, marketing, developing countries, and multinational corporations

Previous Publications
Hojat, S., & Sharifzadeh, M. (2017). The impact of monetary policy on the equity market. International Journal of Applied Management and Technology, 16(1), 15-33.
Hojat, S. (2015). The impact of monetary policy on the stock market.
Sharifzadeh, M. & Hojat, S. (2012). An analytical performance comparison of exchange-traded funds with index funds: 2002-2010. Journal of Asset Management 13(3), 196–209.
Prior Work Experience
Dr. Hojat is an alpha beta investment research chief economist. In this role, Dr. Hojat is responsible for monitoring economics and financial trends in the US economy, analyzing the key indicators, and providing forward-looking analysis of the capital market.
Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Stephanie Hoon

Educational background: Doctor of Management, Org Leadership/Master of Education, Ed Psychology/Master of Arts, Communications/Post-Bac Certificate, HR/Bachelor of Arts, English and Theater
Subject matter expertise: Dr. Stephanie Hoon has over 25 years of experience in higher education. She holds a terminal degree in management and has served and has chaired doctoral committees since 2004.
Dissertation title: An exploration and discovery of compassionate leadership in western postmodern society.
Research interests: N/A

Previous Publications
Addai-Duah, C., Hoon, S. N., & Sinatra, S. J. (2020). Nonprofit church leaders’ perceptions and lived experiences involving innovation competency and change management: A phenomenological study. Journal of Social Change, 12(1), 87-102.

Rimta, K., Hoon, S., & Levasseur, R. (2020). Leader readiness in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business environment. Journal of Social Change, 12(1), 10-18.

Rodgers, J., Hoon, S., & McAllister, B. (2019). Perceptions of first line managers practicing diversity management. Journal of Social Change, 10(1), 14-29.

Wilkins, P., Hoon, S.N., & Perry, A. (2018). Adult learning and the advantages of the online learning experience. Westcliff International Journal of Applied Research, 2(2), 31-38.

Adesugba, A., & Hoon, S. N. (2018). Understanding the gemstone path and value chain in Nigeria. Journal of Scientific Research and Studies, 5(7), 175-185.

Prior Work Experience
Dr. Stephanie Hoon is a professional writer, consultant, and educator. She has taught in higher education since 1994 and online since 1999 in the areas of management, communications, human resources, and psychology. In 1996, she opened her freelance writing business, Blue Gecko Communications, where she did copywriting for advertising and public relations agencies, editing and proofreading for publishers, and has written hundreds of magazine articles.
Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Sara Howe

Educational background: DBA in Strategic Management, Master of Business, BS in Business Management
Subject matter expertise: Strategic Planning and Management, Social Media Management, Innovative Entrepreneurship, Employee Wellness, and Marketing Strategy
Dissertation title: The impact of strategic planning in small businesses: Empirical evidence from East Tennessee 
Research interests: Artificial Intelligence in Business Strategy, Ethical Education and Business, Negotiation and Conflict Management, Small Business Management, Revolutionizing the Higher Education Process, Strategic Planning and Management, Social Media Management, Innovative Entrepreneurship, Employee Wellness Programs, Marketing Strategy, Diversity and Inclusion Training, Effective Company Culture Change and Growth Practices

Previous Publications


Prior Work Experience

In addition to teaching college courses, Dr. Howe has managed and owned multiple businesses over the last two decades and continues to provide investing and consulting services for small businesses. Since conducting strategic planning investigations within the local service industry realm and publishing this current research, Dr. Howe is pursuing further opportunities by gathering data on the transformative and metamorphic use of AI in academia, researching innovative and effective employee wellness programs, observing changing ethical practices within businesses, studying diversity and inclusion professional programs, and analyzing company culture transformations since the pandemic. Publishing additional detailed research studies in these areas is a professional goal for the coming years.

Previously, Dr. Howe has served as the Head of a Bachelor’s Degree Business Program, an Associate Professor of Business, and a Doctoral Chair to several students pursuing their Doctorates in a plethora of disciplines. While serving as the Head of the Business Department, Dr. Howe created an extensive business program for a four-year institution that involved simultaneously designing 18 unique courses. Dr. Howe not only produced all 18 courses but composed a comprehensive curriculum and taught each class both online and face-to-face on campus. Some of these courses included Business Management, Creativity and Innovation, Business Finance, Negotiation and Conflict Management, Marketing, Business Communications, Entrepreneurship, and Social Media Management.

Currently, Dr. Howe continues to teach a multifarious set of graduate courses to students of all generations pursuing their MBAs and PhDs while also serving as a Doctoral Chair to several candidates by providing relevant, relatable, and valuable guidance to assist with the completion of their dissertations. Whether it is teaching courses online, face-to-face on campus, or mentoring fellow professionals who seek to benefit from someone with extensive knowledge, real-world experience, and 14 years of education, Dr. Howe remains dedicated to being a compassionate, engaging, and enthusiastic Professor and Chair.

Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Fathiah Inserto

Educational background: PhD in Human Development, MA in Human Development, MS in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy
Subject matter expertise: Training and Development, Human Development, Counseling and Coaching, Cultural Diversity, Organization Development, Change Management
Dissertation title: Choice, social structure, and serendipity: A study of multiple roles among 20 Malay women in Singapore.
Research interests: Human Development, Entrepreneurship, Coaching and Mentoring, Leadership

Previous Publications
Prior Work Experience
Dr. Inserto has been an educator and administrator for several years.  She has served as president, chief academic officer, dean of academic affairs, dean of business, and dean of student success at nationally accredited universities in the USA. As adjunct faculty, Dr. Inserto has taught classes in organizational development, change management, human resource management, training and development, psychology, sociology, cultural diversity and other areas related to human behavior and development. She has designed and developed undergraduate and graduate courses in human development and business. She has served as mentor, chair and committee members of dissertation committees in business and management.
Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Eliot Jackson

Educational background: A.A.S in Applied Management,  B.S in Applied Management,  M.Ed G, Ed.S, Ed.D
Subject matter expertise: Public Education
Dissertation title: A Comparative Analysis of Sub Populations Between Charter and Traditional Public Schools
Research interests: Public Education, Educational performance, Standardized Testing, Public Charter Schools

Previous Publications
Prior Work Experience
Dr. Jackson has more than 12 years teaching middle and high school mathematics and Technology applications. Dr. Jackson has been teaching undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level classes for more than 5 years. He has also served as dissertation chair, methodologist and committee member. He has served as doctoral faculty advisor to doctoral students. Dr. Jackson has previously worked in retail management as well as leadership positions in the United States Navy as a weapons technician.
Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Fahd Jamil

Educational background: DBA in Organizational Crisis Response & Management, MBA in Operations Management
Subject matter expertise: Organizational Crisis Management, Organizational Sensemaking, Organizational Storytelling, Change Management, Supply Chain Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Operations and Management
Dissertation title: Together telling: reconciling information equivocality in crisis response
Research interests: Managing information sharing issues within and among teams during uncertain conditions

Previous Publications

Together telling: reconciling information equivocality in crisis response Published Online:26 Jul 2021

Prior Work Experience

Dr.  Fahd Jamil has almost two decades of industrial experience in managing global business operations and supply chains.

Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Thomas Joseph

Educational background: PhD in Organization and Management, MS in Management, BA in Accounting
Subject matter expertise: Operations Management, Quality Management, Organizational Leadership, and Change Management
Dissertation title: Leader-Follower Relationship – A Phenomenological Study in Dominica.
Research interests: Leadership, Change Management, Emotional Intelligence, Project Leadership, Organziational Leadership

Previous Publications

Joseph, T. (2020). Ethics in Organization and Management: The Application of Contemporary Theories of Ethical Decision-Making in Global Conditions. International Journal of Business Strategy and Automation (IJBSA), 1(3), 67-74.

Joseph, T. (2020). Organization and Management Past to Present: Applicability to Practice in the Modern Enterprise. International Journal of Business Strategy and Automation (IJBSA), 1(2), 52-61

Joseph, T. (2016, February). Developing the Leader-Follower Relationship: Perceptions of Leaders and Followers. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics,13(1), 132.

Joseph, T. (2016, October). The integration of theoretical ethics with practical decision-making in organization and management. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics,13(3), 98-105.

Joseph, T., Notes to Self, Independently Published: Amazon, 2018.

Joseph, T., Chance, J., Volz, S., Gandee, T., Harvey, R., & Karner, R., Essentials of Quality Management, Colorado Technical University: Words of Wisdom, LLC, 2016./A

Prior Work Experience

Dr. Thomas Joseph professional experience comprises over two decades operations management roles. Entrepreneurship has also been part of his portfolio over the past 15 years. He is a published author, educator, and consultant.

Edmund Khashadourian

Dr. Ed Khashadourian

Educational background: PhD in International Economics
Subject matter expertise: Economics, Statistics
Dissertation title: The link between monetary policies and economic growth in Iran
Research Interests: Economics, Stock market, quantitative methods

Previous Publications
Khashadourian, E. (2019). Permanent supportive housing and the question of family wellbeing: Report on different dimensions of financial and emotional wellbeing of low-income households that receive permanent supportive housing. Study founded by Koreatown Youth and Community Center (KYCC).
Khashadourian, E. (2018). Nonprofit partnerships, scale and the question of effectiveness in financial capability programs: Report on findings. Study funded by JPMorgan Chase Global Philanthropy. Khashadourian, E. (2016). Professional accountability: A data-assisted model for financial counseling. The Professionalizing Field of Financial Counseling and Coaching, Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund.
Khashadourian, E. (2015). Accelerating savings among low income households. A Fragile Balance, Emergency Savings and Liquid Resources for Low Income Consumers.
Prior Work Experience
Dr. Khashadourian runs a consulting business in Southern California. Dr. Khashadourian works with nonprofit organizations, foundations and financial institutions with technical support, program design, training, and data analysis.
Edmund Khashadourian

Dr. Ebony Mason

Educational background: PhD in Business Administration: Human Resources, MA in Information Technology Management, MA in Interdisciplinary Studies: Educational Leadership & Management, MA in Business Administration
Subject matter expertise: Human Resources Management, Organizational Leadership, Information Technology, Organizational Behavior, Management, Educational Leadership
Dissertation title: Strategies for Retaining Qualified and Experienced Employees in the Nonprofit Sector(See here)
Research Interests: Organizational leadership, organizational behavior, management nonprofit organizations, educational leadership, human resource management, transformational leadership, information technology management

Previous Publications
Prior Work Experience
Dr. Ebony Mason holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a master’s degree in Business Administration, and a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Management and Educational Leadership from Texas A&M University-Texarkana. She has earned a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) and a Graduate Human Resources certificate from Walden University. She has over sixteen years of experience in both the private and federal HR sectors. She has served in various roles in her professional career, including people manager, senior human resources specialist, grant accountant, budget accountant, human resources specialist (information technology), classification specialist, and benefits coordinator. She has six years’ experience instructing in academia for education and business courses.
Edmund Khashadourian

Dr. Catherine McBride

Educational background: MBA,  DBA in Advanced Accounting 
Subject matter expertise: Human Resources Management, Organizational Leadership, Information Technology, Organizational Behavior, Management, Educational Leadership
Dissertation title: A Quantitative Study of the Effect of Web-Based Tutorials on the Achievement of Learning Outcomes and Student Satisfaction in Online Accounting Courses (See here)
Research Interests: Student engagement, student success, outcomes assessment, learning, behavioral analysis, entrepreneurship, operations management, efficiency, human resources, employee motivation

Previous Publications
Prior Work Experience

Dr. McBride has over 20 year’s experience in the accounting industry ranging from a staff accountant to a Executive Finance director. She has worked in several fields including manufacturing, music distribution, and health-care management. She has also owned and operated a successful outdoor cushion manufacturing company that served retail, wholesale and commercial customers. Dr. McBride is currently responsible for the curriculum and faculty for the College of Business and Management at another institution of higher education.

Edmund Khashadourian

Dr. Jasmin Miller

Educational background: DBA- Business Administration with a concentration in Global Business Leadership, MBA-with a concentration in Leadership for Management, BS- Nuclear Medicine Technology, and licensure from the Nuclear Medicine Certification Board (CNMT)
Subject matter expertise: Organizational Leadership, Coaching for Excellence, Diversity Management, Healthcare Management and Nuclear Medicine
Dissertation title: Hospital CEO leadership styles and the Value Based Purchasing Program’s Total Performance Scores. (See here)
Research Interests: Organizational leadership, leadership styles, ethics, employee satisfaction, healthcare management and nuclear medicine

Previous Publications
Prior Work Experience

Dr. Miller has extensive experience working in both education and the healthcare industry. She has served as the University Department Chair, Director of Nuclear Medicine, and senior full-time faculty member at a level IV higher educational institution for 17 years. Dr. Miller has assisted many students in presenting and publishing work nationally and has presented work at professional meetings. She is also received textbook acknowledgements in multiple editions of a Nuclear Medicine textbook. Dr. Miller contributes toward many other areas of university development including Chair of the Accreditation Committee, University Assessment Committee Chair of the Staff and Development Subcommittee, Chair of the Grievance Committee, Community Development Committee Member, Advisory Board Committee Member, Campus Presidents Forum Chair, Accreditation Support Committee Member, and Bachelor of Science in Imaging Sciences Committee Member.

Edmund Khashadourian

Dr. PeterMax M. Miller

Educational background: Ed.D. Organizational Leadership, MBA Pharmaceutical Marketing, BA Biology
Subject matter expertise:Hospital patient care gaps, Hospital nurse retention, Leadership, Sustainable Careers
Dissertation title: A Search For Factors That Affect Outpatient Bone Marrow Transplant Oncology Nurse Retention In A Hospital Based Oncology Clinic
Research Interests: Sustainable Competitive Career Advantage, Healthcare Business

Previous Publications
Miller, P.M. (2023, Jan) Sustainable competitive career advantage. University of Phoenix SharePoint College of Business and IT [eNewsletter]

Miller, P.M. (2021, Oct) Healthcare advocacy through business college case studies. University of Phoenix SharePoint College of Business and IT [eNewsletter].

Miller, P.M. (2011). Osteoporosis advocacy: Does it have a positive role in the college classroom? Ninth International Symposium on Osteoporosis: Translating Research Into Clinical Practice — Program and Abstracts [Proceedings Issue]. Osteoporosis International, 22(2), S427.

Miller, P. M. (2010, January-March). Andragogy-the missing gap in osteoporosis patient education [Abstract]. Journal of Clinical Densitometry, 13(1), 127.

Vowles, N., Hutto, A., & Miller, P. (2017). Content analysis of assessment data in marketing education. The E – Journal of Business Education & Scholarship of Teaching, 11(1), 57-68

Prior Work Experience

Dr. PeterMax’s business career was concentrated in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. He served as General Manager of Degussa Chemical’s NAFTA and South American Biotechnology group, International Director of CNS products for Bristol Myers, and Global Director for Cardiovascular products for G.D. Searle. In these roles, he hired, developed and led global marketing and sales teams, and was considered a new product launch specialist. He has “on-ground” business experience in 40 countries and “virtual” experience in an additional 50 countries.

Edmund Khashadourian

Dr. Kambiz Moghaddam

Educational background: MBA; EdD in Organizational Management & Leadership
Subject matter expertise: Management and Leadership, Program and Project Management, Marketing Plan, Data Analytics, Technology Development
Dissertation title: Management and leadership effectiveness in a large-scale aerospace technology based organization 
Research Interests: Business and Management Concentration on Corporate Finance, Managerial Finance, Applied Research, Research Design & Methodology, Statistical Decision Modelling, Data Science, Analytics, and Predictive Modelling, Applied Business Intelligence, Project and Program Management, Technology Roadmap, Insertion, and Readiness

Previous Publications
Prior Work Experience
Edmund Khashadourian

Dr. Trina Moore

Educational background: EdD in Organizational Change and Leadership, MA of School Administration
Subject matter expertise: Organizational Leadership, Organizational Change and Transformation, Educational Leadership, Principalship, Instructional Leadership, Curriculum and Development, Non-Profit Leadership, Teaching (K-12, Higher Education)
Dissertation title: Practicable Principal Leadership in Low Socioeconomic Elementary Schools (See here)
Research Interests: Organizational Leadership, Organizational Change and Transformation, Educational Leadership, K-12 Education, Higher Education, Curriculum and Instruction, Underserved (At-Risk) Student Populations

Previous Publications
Prior Work Experience

Dr. Trina Moore brings 20 years of combined experience in leadership, teaching, and curriculum development to Westcliff University. Dr. Moore currently serves as the founder and leader of the Restorative Justice Educational Initiative (RJEI) for the educational non-profit Nehemiah Building Corporation. This initiative provides educational advisement and opportunities for underserved students.

Dr. Moore is a highly qualified and licensed principal and curriculum specialist. Her educational experience includes twelve years as a classroom teacher, nine years as an educational advocate, and five years as a school administrator.

Dr. Moore is a K-12 school founder and serves as the founding principal of Nehemiah Enrichment Academy. In higher education, Dr. Moore has been a guest lecturer for the University of Southern California for master and doctoral students in counseling, leadership, and education. She also has international experience as adjunct faculty for the University of Zambia, Copperbelt University, and Mulungushi University in Zambia, Africa. Dr. Moore has a wealth of experience in organizational leadership and behavior, K-12 school leadership, and working with underserved student populations.

Yvan Nezerwe

Dr. Yvan Nezerwe

Educational background: PhD in Finance and International Business, Executive Education Certificate in Economics from Harvard Business School
Subject matter expertise: Finance, Economics, International Business
Dissertation title: The impact of the AGOA legislations on the market returns in Kenya
Research Interests: Corporate Finance, Empirical Asset Pricing, Investments, Entrepreneurial Finance, Macroeconomics

Previous Publications
Nezerwe, Y., & Karangwa, A. (2018). Did the Morocco stock returns benefit from the free trade agreement with the US? Transnational Corporations Review.
Nezerwe, Y. (2016). Financial management of a multinational operation. In Global Financial Management (pp 73-87). Word of Wisdom Publisher.
Nezerwe, Y. (2014). Southern African development community free trade agreement impact on South African stock returns. Global Journal of Business Research, 8(1), 57-63.
Nezerwe, Y. (2013). Presidential elections and stock returns in Egypt. Review of Business and Finance Case Studies, 4(2), 63-68.
Nezerwe, Y. (2012). The American growth opportunity act impact on the trade between the US and Kenya. Global Journal of Business Research, 6(1), 112-117.
Prior Work Experience
Dr. Nezerwe has worked in the financial services industry since 2005 in the fields of banking, operations, investments and consulting.
Yvan Nezerwe

Dr. Oludotun Oni

Educational background: PhD in Information Systems and Security
Subject matter expertise: Business Information Systems, Cybersecurity, Risk Management, Blockchain, Data Analytics
Dissertation title: Identifying and addressing the effect of management traits on the commitment of IT engineers
Research Interests: Cybersecurity, Risk Management, Blockchain, Data Analytics

Previous Publications
Schall, Philip, D. & Oni, O. (2019). Examining the Relationship Between Formal RMF Training and Perceptions of RMF Effectiveness, Sustainability, and Commitment in RMF Practitioners. Cyber Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal, 3(1), 25-36.

Kabia, M., Oni, O., and Booher, L. (2013). Information Technology Certification as a Predictor of Job Performance. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness, 1(2), 15-32.

Oni, O. (2011). The Relationship between Management Traits and the Commitment of IT Engineers to their Organizations. Proceedings of Informing Science & IT Education Conference (InSITE), 393-401.

Prior Work Experience
Oludotun Oni, PhD, CISSP (a.k.a. Dr. Dot) has global technical and management experience; having practiced in four countries, spanning three continents for over 35 years. He started his university teaching career in 1987 and has taught extensively across many disciplines, both in face-to-face and online formats. He has served as a mentor and chair on several doctoral dissertation committees, including one that won the “Dissertation of the Year” award winner at NCU in 2012. He has also received multiple accolades from various universities, including Distinguished/Outstanding Faculty of the Year awards in 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2016. Over the years, many of Dr. Oni’s works focused on designing technical solutions for various Fortune 500 and multi-national corporations. These solutions included IP Telephony/Voice over IP solutions, cloud technologies, data analytics and cybersecurity. He has taught various courses from Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA and ISC2. He has also authored several practice tests for IT certification exams and sits on the editorial board of various peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Oni worked in the telecommunications industry for over 16 years and contributed to industry patents at AT&T Labs. Prior to this, he was a technical director at various technology companies. He is a CISSP and holds over 30 other professional certifications in the IT industry. He is a member of the following professional organizations: ISC2, ACM, ISACA, IEEE Computer Society, ASEE, PMI, AEHIS, AEHIT, Informing Science Institute.
Yvan Nezerwe

Dr. Steven D. Owlett

Educational background: PhD in Education in Organizational Leadership, with an Emphasis in Health Care Administration (Exemplar), MA in Science Management, Doctorate in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Health Care Administration
Subject matter expertise: Decision-making, complex adaptive systems, decision science, complexity science, quality improvement, business process reengineering, operations management, international supply chain management, marketing, sales, technology integration
Dissertation title: A Qualitative Study of Florida Hospital Administrator Decision-Making Processes to Reduce 30-Day Hospital Readmission (See here)
Research Interests: Decision-making, complexity analysis, systems design, process design, entrepreneurship, human dynamics

Previous Publications
Prior Work Experience
Over the last 30 years,  Steven D. Owlett has held executive and leadership positions with several Fortune 1000 national and international companies. Team sizes have ranged from 54 individuals to as high as ten thousand. He has successfully launched three businesses from initial conception to full operations. His career spans the energy (his specialty is nuclear reactor operations), education, and healthcare sectors. Areas of expertise include all areas of marketing, business development, new product development and launch, data analytics and technology, and qualitative and quantitative research. Over his career, he has traveled to 78 countries and have connections in 186. These experiences have nurtured the development of international business and cultural skills applicable to a variety of business challenges.
Yvan Nezerwe

Dr. Efthemia Papadopoulos

Educational background: MA of Science in Statistics, Doctoral Degree in Psychology, Organizational
Subject matter expertise: Critical Thinking, Cognitive Biases, Organizational Behavior, Learning and Development.
Dissertation title: The Predictive Validity of a Technology Enhanced Assessment Center Method for Personnel Selection (See here)
Research Interests: Efficiency gains in organizations including government, for profit and non-profit.

Previous Publications
Papadopoulos, E. (2020). Critical Thinking Today: University Level Study (Dr. Papadopoulos Edutainment). Independently Published.

Papadopoulos, E. (2020). BUSINESS AND SOCIETY TODAY: University Level Study. Kindle.


Prior Work Experience
Dr. Efthemia Papadopoulos has experience in business intelligence and predictive analytics work done at Did-It Search Engine Marketing, Mercedes-Benz, and Blizzard Entertainment.
Yvan Nezerwe

Dr. Nadya Y. Patrick

Educational background: Ph.D. – Management: Leadership and Organizational Change
Subject matter expertise: Organizational Behavior, Leadership, Management, Organizational Change
Dissertation title: Generational Differences in the Level of Commitment in the U.S. Marine Corps (See here)
Research Interests: Leadership, organizational behavior, consulting, management, change management

Previous Publications



Prior Work Experience

Dr. Patrick has over 20 years of experience as an executive manager, operating in fast paced, high stress environments. She is skilled in collaborating at all levels within an organization to achieve business and mission objectives.

Yvan Nezerwe

Dr. Chee Piong

Educational background: Ph.D in Business Admin. Concentrations In Advanced Accounting and Financial Management, Ph.D. in Management with Concentrations in Leadership and Organizational Change
Subject matter expertise: Management, Leadership, Accounting, Financial Management
Dissertation title: Servant leadership, team commitment, and perceived organizational support in the food services industry; Starbucks coffee as a veblen good: Perceived status enhancement, brand involvement and brand loyalty
Research Interests: Business, Management, Leadership, Accounting, Financial Management

Previous Publications
Piong, C. (2020). Perceived status enhancement, brand loyalty, and brand involvement. Lambert Academic Publishing.

Piong, C. (2017). Leadership in the restaurant industry. Lambert Academic Publishing.

Piong, C. (2015). Perceived status enhancement, brand loyalty, and brand involvement. Journal of Brand Strategy, 3(4), 387-398.

Prior Work Experience
Dr. Piong has experience as: the Director of Institutional Research, Effectiveness and Assessment; Dean of School of Business; Senior Distribution Manager; Engineer. His work experience covers the spectrum of educational, business, logistics, engineering, and leadership areas.
Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Edwin Quinn, Jr.

Educational background: PhD in Business Administration, Advanced Professional Graduate
Subject matter expertise: Management, Marketing
Dissertation title: Demographic differences in perceptions of leadership practices for department chairs and job satisfaction of faculty members at a historically black university.
Research interests: Leadership, Organizational Change, Management Functions, Job Satisfaction

Previous Publications
Sundaram, R.., Ziade, J., & Quinn, E. (2020). Drivers of change: An examination of factors that prompt managers to enforce changes in business. International Journal of Management, 11(5), 22-30. 

Quinn, E., Quinn, R. (2015). Culturally responsive marketing of Coach and Pepsi. International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, 5(2).

Quinn, E. (2014). The evolution of accounting theory in response to market changes. International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, 4(10). 

Quinn, E. (2014). The complex relationship between corporate management, stakeholders and accounting. International Journal of Academic Research in Accounting, Finance and Management Science, 4(3).

Prior Work Experience
Dr. Quinn has had the pleasure of serving over ten years as a higher education administrator in several aspects of student development including: leadership, student orientation, residential life, judicial affairs, diversity services, veteran services, student government, Greek affairs, recruitment, and policy development at the University of Mississippi, Mississippi College, Jackson State University, Strayer University, Claflin University, Lincoln Memorial University, and currently serves as associate professor of business at Tennessee Wesleyan University.
Karen Robinson

Dr. Hima Bindu S. Reddy

Educational background: PhD in Information Systems, MS in Management in Information Systems
Subject matter expertise: Knowledge Management Systems, Information Privacy, Information Protection, Human Computer Interaction, UX Research, Usability Evaluation, UX Research Methodologies, Information Protection, Technical Support, Oracle Knowledge Management (Inquira), Website UX audit, Web Analytics, Web Content Plan, Java, Angular JS, JavaScript, HTML, Full Stack Web Development, Postman, Web development, Basics of Python, R, Figma, PHP, Natural Language Processing (in basics), Spring Boot, Hibernate, SQL, NoSQL (basics), DICOM imaging
Dissertation title: Exploring the Existing and Unknown Side Effects of Privacy Preserving Data Mining Algorithms (See here).
Research Interests: Information Technology, Management in Information Systems, Information systems, Information Science, Java programing, Advanced Java Programming, Information Privacy, Information Protection, Information Experience, Natural Language Processing, User Experience, Usability, User Research, Human Computer Interaction, Web Accessibility Standard, UX Design, NoSQL, Web Accessibility Audit, Website Audit, Knowledge Management, Data Visualization, Project Management, Soft Development Life Cycle, Knowledge Management Systems, DICOM imaging, Health Information Systems, Application Development, Full Stack Web Development, Spring Boot, Cybersecurity.

Previous Publications

Reddy, H. B. S., Reddy, R. R. S., Jonnalagadda, R., Singh, P., & Gogineni, A. (2022). Usability Evaluation of an Unpopular Restaurant Recommender Web Application Zomato. Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, 13(4), 12-33.

Reddy, H. B. S., Reddy, R. R. S., Jonnalagadda, R., Singh, P., & Gogineni, A. (2022). Analysis of the Unexplored Security Issues Common to All Types of NoSQL Databases. Asian Journal of Research in Computer Science, 14(1), 1-12.

Reddy, H. B. S., Reddy, R. R. S., & Jonnalagadda, R. (2022). Literature Review Process: Measuring the Effective Usage of Knowledge Management Systems in Customer Support Organizations. Journal homepage: www. ijrpr. com ISSN, 2582, 7421.

Reddy, R. R. S., & Reddy, H. B. S. (2022). A Proposal: Web attacks and Webmaster’s Education Co-Relation. Journal homepage: www. ijrpr. com ISSN, 2582, 7421.

Reddy, H. B. S. (2022). A Proposal: For Emerging Gaps in Finding Firm Solutions for Cross Site Scripting Attacks on Web Applications. International Journal of Research Publication and Reviews, 3982-3985.

Reddy, H. B. S., Reddy, R. R. S., & Jonnalagadda, R. (2022). A proposal: Human factors related to the user acceptance behavior in adapting to new technologies or new user experience. J. Homepage www. ijrpr. com, 2582, 7421.

Jonnalagadda, R., Singh, P., Gogineni, A., Reddy, R. R., & Reddy, H. B. (2022). Developing, implementing and evaluating training for online graduate teaching assistants based on Addie Model. Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies, 1-10.

Prior Work Experience

Dr. Reddy has over 9 years of IT experience in various fields such as government, telecommunication, enterprise services, medical, banking, and non-profit organizations. Dr. Reddy has worked as delivery module lead, programmer, developer, system analyst, programmer analyst, webmaster, full stack web developer, technical trainer, web developer, website auditor, copy writer, and judge. She has also served as a board of directors for Ocean Blue Project, a non-profit organization.

Karen Robinson

Dr. Karen Robinson

Educational background: PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, MS in Organizational and Clinical Psychology, BA in Psychology
Subject matter expertise: Testing & Assessment, Human Resources, Organization Development, Psychology, Leadership, Critical Thinking, Research Design, Statistics & Measurement, Organizational Behavior / Motivation; Diversity & Inclusion
Dissertation title: The impact of individual difference on the relationship between employee perceptions of organizational justice and organizational outcome variables (See here).
Research Interests: Organizational Behavior / Motivation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Organization Change, Human Resources, Organization Development, Psychology, Leadership, Telecommuting, Diversity & Inclusion.

Previous Publications
Robinson, K. L. (2015). Generational differences in the attitudes of women in leadership roles. Proceedings from Learning without Boundaries Conference. Phoenix, AZ.
Connell, J. B., Sorenson, R. C., Robinson, K. L., & Ellis, S. J. (2004, September). The birth of a
telecommuter selection instrument: results of a validation study. Proceedings from the International Telework Academy Workshop, Crete, Greece.
Robinson, K. L. (2004). The impact of individual difference variables on the relationship between organizational justice and organizational outcome variables [Unpublished dissertation]. Alliant International University.
Connell, J. B., Sorenson, R. C., Robinson, K. L., & Ellis, S. J. (2003, November). Identifying successful telecommuters. Proceedings from the International Association for Development of the Information Society International Conference: WWW/Internet 2003, Algarve, Portugal.
Sorenson, R. C., Connell, J. B., Robinson, K. L., & Ellis, S. J. (2003, October). Factors affecting the success of Telework: A collection of case studies. Proceedings from the International Conference on Advances in the Internet, Processing, Systems, and Interdisciplinary Research, Sveti Stefan, Montenegro.
Prior Work Experience
Dr. Robinson has over 15 years of teaching experience at the graduate and undergraduate level: Testing & Assessment, Human Resources, Organization Development, Psychology, Leadership, Critical Thinking, Research Design, Statistics & Measurement, Organizational Behavior / Motivation

She also has over 20 years of practical experience in the areas of: Organization Development, Human Resources, Corporate Social Responsibility / ESG, Strategy & Leadership.

Karen Robinson

Dr. Moe Saouli

Educational background: Doctorate in Public Administration
Subject matter expertise: Business management, Marketing, Technology.
Dissertation title: Information technology utilization in mental health services (See here).
Research Interests: N/A

Previous Publications
Haddad, O., Saouli, M., & Sinha, B. (2019). Factors influencing hiring of graduates for information technology projects. International Journal of Business Marketing and Management, 4(2), 1-9.

Adeyemi, A. O., Saouli, M. A., & Sinha, B. (2018). Influence of call centers on emerging business models and practices. Asian Journal of Business and Management, 6(5), 44-52.

Saouli, M., Muqri, M., Shakib, J., & Muqri, H. (2016). An electrical and computer startup kit for fundamentals of engineering (FE) exam. ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition. New Orleans, LA.

Saouli, M., Izuakor C., & Sinha, B. (2015). Analysis of ownership models and price fluctuations in retail gasoline industry. Asian Journal of Business and Management, 3(6), 449-459.

Stridh, P., Sinha, B., & Saouli, M. (2015). Household income levels as a driver of residential solar panel adoption. Asian Journal of Business and Management, 3(3), 201-209.

Prior Work Experience
Dr. Saouli has had broad industry and academic experience, in public, non- profit and for-profit sectors, with a background in business management, marketing and sales, program and project management, manufacturing operations, leading departments and teams in aerospace, electronics, and telecom industries. He has served as college dean, dean of academic affairs, program chair, and a professor. He has managed academic affairs with multiple departments and programs and has had over twenty years, in teaching undergraduate and graduate business courses. He has served as chair and committee member for DBA and EdD students.
Mammad Sharifzadeh

Dr. Mohammad Sharifzadeh

Educational background: PhD in AMDS with Finance Specialization, MPhil in Management Science with Econometrics and Operations Research majors, BSc in joint honours Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics
Subject matter expertise: Research methodology and finance
Dissertation title: An empirical and theoretical analysis of capital asset pricing model (CAPM) (See here)
Research Interests: Most fields of corporate finance and investment analysis

Previous Publications

Opoku-Asante, K., Winful, E. C., Sharifzadeh, M., & Neubert, M. (2022). The relationship between capital structure and financial performance of firms in Ghana and Nigeria. European Journal of Business and Management Research, 7(1), 235-244.

Elshqirat, M., & Sharifzadeh, M. (2018). Testing a multi-factor capital asset pricing model in the Jordanian stock market. International Business Research, 11(9), 13-22.

Hojat, S., & Sharizadeh, M. (2017). The impact of monetary policy on the equity market. International Journal of Applied Management and Technology, 16(1), 15-33.

Sharifzadeh, M. & Sharif, A. (2015). A probabilistic capital budgeting model for new product development under stage-gate process. Accounting and Finance Research, 4(2), 99–109.

Sharifzadeh, M., & Hojat, S. (2012). An analytical performance comparison of exchanged traded funds with index funds: 2002-2010. Journal of Asset Management, 13(3), 196–209.

Sharifzadeh, M. (2010). An empirical and theoretical analysis of capital asset pricing models [Unpublished dissertation]. Boca Raton Florida.

Prior Work Experience
Dr. Sharifzadeh serves on DBA dissertation chair committees, develops curriculum as a subject matter expert for business courses, and teaches finance and economics courses at Westcliff University. Previously, Dr. Sharifzadeh has over twenty years of experience mentoring and guiding doctoral candidates on dissertation projects and teaching finance, economics, and statistics courses. Additionally, Dr. Sharifzadeh has served as CEO and director of research for Alpha Beta Investment Research and has ample experience writing research reports on economic sectors.
Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Alex Sherm

Educational background: Doctorate in Business Administration (econ), Master’s degree in Mathematics, Master’s degree in Economics
Subject matter expertise: Finance, Econ, Business admin, Public governing
Dissertation title: Profitability analysis of straddle option trading strategy. 
Research interests: Finance, Econ, Business admin, Public governing

Previous Publications
Sherm, A. (2021). Building and leading teams: University perspective on educating students and developing professionals in public administration and business organizations. Bulletin of Taras Schevchenko National University of Kyiv. Public Administration, 2(14), 25-28.
Prior Work Experience
Dr. Alex Sherm served as the Director of Finance for Economic Development at the Department of the Treasury for the Government of Uzbekistan. He was responsible for analyzing the feasibility of FDI projects to determine credit worthiness and make final recommendations to the Prime Minister. While he was with the ministry of finance, he played an integral role in the planning, building, and in the implementation of the CIS economy. Dr. Sherm was responsible for the execution of special projects that guided Uzbek Central Bank monetary policy and provided key decision-making support to the office of the Prime Minister. He was responsible for the authorship of core components of the Uzbek Tax Code and tax guidelines governing the public and private sector economic development and capital investments.

While serving as Director of Finance for International Debt Management (Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan), he secured international institutional financing for capital and infrastructure projects undertaken by both government bodies and private enterprise. His experience includes working directly with such monetary institutions as the IMF, the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Asian Development Bank, Morgan Stanley, and major global players in industries ranging from oil to agriculture to healthcare.

From his past work in economic development and project finance, he has vast experience in assisting companies to build business partnerships across borders, secure financing and lines of credit, and negotiating international contracts. For over 10 years, he was a lecturer and instructor of finance and economics while working in the government in Uzbekistan and enjoys sharing real life experience with his students.


Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Shaun A. Spath

Educational background: Doctorate in Business Administration (Data Analytics)
Subject matter expertise: Business Administration, Leadership, Management, and HRM
Dissertation title: Managers’ lived experience in cyberloafing within business organizations (click here)
Research interests: Cyberloafing, Business Management, Human Resource Management

Methodology background: Qualitative

Previous Publications
Spath, S. A., & Vengrouskie, E. (2022). Manager’s lived experience in cyberloafing within business organizations. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 8(3), 15-23.
Prior Work Experience
Dr. Spath has been an accountant for over 10 years, ranging from SME to my current large enterprise. As an accountant, he has focused on budgeting, forecasting, reconciliations, and general accounting duties. He has also helped create and write government contracts and SOPs. Other work prior work experience has focused on volunteer work with the youth, tutoring, and adjunct work.
Javaid Syed

Dr. Javaid Syed

Educational background: PhD in Information Systems Technology, MA of Science in Education, BS in Computer Sciences, Diploma in Computer Systems Technology
Subject matter expertise: Cybersecurity, Big Data, Information Technology, Management, Strategic Planning, Operational Capabilities, Project Management and Startup Operations
Dissertation title: Explaining IT professionals’ organizational commitment based on age, gender, and personality trait factor (See here).
Research Interests: Information technology and business and services

Previous Publications
Warrington, C., Syed, J., & Tappinn, R. M. (2021). Personality and employees’ information security behavior among generational cohorts. Computer and Information Science, 14(1), 26-44.
Syed, J. A., & Tappin, R. M. (2019). IT professionals’ personality, personal characteristics, and commitment: Evidence from a national survey. Canadian Journal of Computer and Information Science, 12(3), 58-71.;
Prior Work Experience
Dr. Javaid Syed is Program Chair at Salem University for Computer Science and Information Technology Departments. Dr. Javaid Syed works as an adjunct faculty at Westcliff University and University of Fairfax teaching MBA and DBA classes. He has extensive industry experience as a Dynamic Information Systems Leader with 30+ years of demonstrated achievements in delivering technical, service, analysis and operations improvements for multimillion-dollar companies and educational institutions. Dedicated professional known for pioneering education, training, communications and program management strategies for expanding business relationships, fueling staff performance and boosting productivity. He is a creative problem solver with a proven ability to develop cutting-edge methods to enhance operational capability and optimize technical processes.
Javaid Syed

Dr. Claude B. Tanoe

Educational background: PhD
Subject matter expertise: Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Impact analysis, Security Profile Management, Impact analysis, Project Management, Process Design & Improvement, Risk Management, Strategic Planning, Change Management, IT Governance, Information security management
Dissertation title: Determining the effects of attrition on leadership competency and organizational effectiveness: A quantitative study (See here).
Research Interests: Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Project Management, Process Design & Improvement, Risk Management, Strategic Planning, Change Management, IT Governance, Information security management

Previous Publications
Prior Work Experience

Dr. Sanaz Tehrani

Educational background: PhD in Engineering Management/Operation Research, MS in Industrial Engineering/ SCM& E-Business Technology, BA in Industrial Engineering/Safety Engineering
Subject matter expertise: Quantitative and Qualitative research or Mix Method, Case Study, Engineering Management, Operation Management, Human Factor and Safety Engineering, System Engineering, E-business, E- learning , Quality Assurance, Technology Management, Project Management, Marketing Strategy, Strategy Management, Operation Research, Optimization, ERP, Lean SixSigma, QM, IT.
Dissertation title: PhD; Developing the optimization total service productivity model; MA; Optimization of lead time of raw material in automobile industry supply chain; Evaluation of productivity, BA; Health and safety in chemical industry: Case study (AYEGH PLASTIC CO.)
Research Interests: Human factors and safety management, environmental management, System Management, Operation research and optimization, Strategic Management, Quality Management ( Six Sigma), Operation Management, Management Information System, IT Project Management ( program management), E-business technology and security, Networking and communication, Financial markets, Reliability Engineering, Risk assessment, Application development, financial instruments and security analysis, corporate finance, econometric applications, management science methodologies, Quantitative and Qualitative (Mix methodology) models in business research and leadership effectiveness assessments and Case study.

Previous Publications
Parsazadeh, N., Rosmah, A., Rezaei, M.,, & Tehrani, S. Z. (2018). The construction and validation of a usability evaluation survey for mobile learning environments. Studies in Educational Evaluation, 58, 97-111.
Tehrani, S. Z. (2016). Optimising the service productivity with operational strategic options (Doctoral dissertation, Multimedia University (Malaysia)).
Eskandarian, M., Marthandan, G., Malarvizhi, C. A., & Tehrani, S. Z. (2016). Quality in E-procurement success. International Journal of Management & Information Systems (IJMIS), 20(3), 73-86.
Tehrani, S. Z. (2008). Optimization of lead time in raw supplying material delivery in the automobile supply chain of Iran. Science and Research of Sharif University Journal.
Tehrani, S. Z. (2006) Auditing of logistic processes by six sigma. Proceedings from the 2nd International Conference of Logistics in Iran, Tehran.
Prior Work Experience
Dr. Tehrani has over 9 years of teaching experience at the graduate and undergraduate level:
human factors and safety Engineering, environmental management, Data Analysis and Data scientist, Qualitative and Quantitative research analysis Leadership, Statistic, Logic design, manufacturing strategy, quality management, operation management, IT project management, management information systems, supply chain management and logistic technology, business, e-commerce, CRM, ERP, system analysis & design, and database management systems.

Serving on dissertation or thesis committees and 20 years of hands-on business experience and problem solver and advanced training in operations management, production, supply chain, logistic, Lean SixSigma, continuous improvement (Kaizen) and cost control, optimization, IT and E-business, Technology Management, project management, strategic decision making, e- Serving on dissertation or thesis committees.

She also has over 20 years of practical experience in; Medical, manufacturing ( Automobile and aircraft ), Chemical industry, Oil and Gas, High tech, Call center and contact center (CRM), service industry, consulting, Insurance, Finance and accounting, Non- profit Organizations.

Dr. Caitlin Trauterman

Educational background: D.B.A. in Human Resources Management,
M.B.A. in Business Administration
B.A. in Sociology
Subject matter expertise: Recruitment and Selection, Workforce Planning, Training and Development, Compensation, and Benefits, Business Communications, Leadership
Dissertation title: Workforce Planning Training and Development
Research Interests: Human Resource Management

Previous Publications


Prior Work Experience
Dr. Trauterman has conducted postgraduate research in training and development and its impact on retention with buy-in from leadership and has created and developed employee handbooks for non-profit organizations and built training and development programs within small organizations.
Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Scot Trodick

Educational background: DBA in Information Systems
Subject matter expertise: Information Systems, Information Technology, Business, Computer Science
Dissertation title: Creativity enhancement of digital arts users: The effects of creative support system software in decision making
Research interests: Interactive communication, Technical innovation, Decision making

Methodology background: Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed Methods

Previous Publications
Prior Work Experience
Dr. Trodick has over 18 years of experience in higher education and over 35 years of experience in education overall. He has employee training and team leadership experience along with professional business training, private institutions, and instructing government funded programs. He has experience working with such companies as Black & Decker, McDonnell Douglas Information Systems, and Planetwide Games, and such clients as Electronic Arts, Warner Bros., Marvel, National Geographic Kids, Wall Street Systems, Kawasaki, Sony Online Entertainment, and Paramount Pictures. He led the Applied and Advanced Technology Learning Pathway program and has experience in program development. Additionally, he has experience creating and directing educational international workshops.
Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Jennie Wong

Educational background: EdD in Institutional Management, Masters Degree in Business Administration, BA in Management, AA in Cultural Anthropology
Subject matter expertise: Human Resource Management, Business Management, Leadership, Organizational Leadership, Organizational Behavior
Dissertation title: TBA
Research interests: Management, Leadership, Workplace Dynamics, Human Resources topics

Previous Publications
Prior Work Experience
Dr. Wong has been a Human Resources Director, Treasury Supervisor, Consultant, and College Professor.
Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Ted S. Woodrow

Educational background: Master’s in Business Administration, DM-IST
Subject matter expertise: Computer graphics leadership, adult instruction, production consulting, system implementation, organizational re-engineering
Dissertation title: Quantitative, Descriptive Correlational Evaluation of Personal and Technological Resilience (See here)
Research interests: Technology, business, related societal ramifications

Previous Publications
Prior Work Experience
Dr. Ted S. Woodrow has spent 45 years in the engineering computer graphics applications sector on both the vendor and customer sides, operating in various customer support, training, and leadership roles, including leadership of multi-national teams that perform in those roles. For more details:
Elsayess Mahmoud

Dr. Cynthia Worthen

Educational background: EdD Educational Leadership
Subject matter expertise: Organizational Leadership, Adult Learning, Leadership Development                  Dissertation title: Executive Women Public Administrators and Leadership Development
Research interests: Organizational development, organizational leadership, leadership development, strategic management

Previous Publications
Prior Work Experience

Dr. Cynthia Worthen is a Consultant and Adjunct Associate Professor. As a higher education administrator, she has served in the roles of Vice President Academic Affairs at Argosy University, Hawaii and Washington DC and Dean of Academic Affairs at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She has presented at conferences in student academic success, diversity, and leadership.

Dr. Jinan Ziade

Educational background: PhD in Organization and Management, Master’s in Business Administration, BS in Information Systems, BA in Environmental Design
Subject matter expertise: Organizational leadership, Information System Technology, MENA culture, Digital economy, Corporate expansion strategy, Women entrepreneurship, Global diversity
Dissertation title: Relationship of cultural understanding and business success in the Middle East and North Africa
Research Interests: Research interests include knowledge of cross-cultural differences and leadership practices within global organizations and problem solving.

Previous Publications
Ziade, J., Shaykhian, A., & Khairi, M. (2019). Global marketing and American companies in the middle East and North Africa (MENA). ASEE.

Bateh, D., Dailey, L., Sussan, F., & Ziade, J. (2018). An etic approach to entrepreneurial ecosystems (EE) in Morocco and Egypt. SGE Conference, Washington D.C.

Ziade, J., Tanoe, C., & Daily, L. (2017). Challenges of Lebanese women entrepreneurs. ICSB 2017 Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ziade, J. (2016). The relationship of cultural understanding and business success in the Middle East and North Africa. UOPX Abstract Journal.

Shaykhian, A., Ziade, J., & Khairi, M. (2016). How cultural understanding influences business success in Middle East and North Africa (MENA). ASEE.


Prior Work Experience

Dr. Ziade has 14 years of experience in the advertising and publishing industry at AT&T and has guided teams towards quality project delivery.  She has extensive leadership experience in project planning, advertising, and marketing to improve productivity and meet customer demand. Dr. Ziade has several years of industry and consulting experience and also worked on diversity & inclusion (D&I) project for West Point to assist US Military Academy (USMA) stakeholders to develop the level of exploration to D&I.


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