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Grants and External Support

Even though it might feel like a solitary endeavor, people all around the world are working on dissertation projects! Some may even be working on something similar to you! Here are a few options for ways to connect with, hear from, and even commiserate with doctoral candidates such as yourself!

PhinisheD touts itself as a place for individuals working on dissertations or theses to come and receive friendly advice about their projects, including but not limited to how to proceed after the dissertation is complete.

PhD Talk is a blog run by Eva Lantsoght that provides advice, tips, templates and resources for individuals compiling their dissertations. She even runs a podcast related to some of the most common issues for doctoral candidates.

Grants and SupportGrants for Your Research

Depending on the research you are doing, you may be eligible to receive a research grant. Receiving a grant for your research shows (1) the relevancy and value of your work and (2) the ability to manage grant funding. Both of these factors can be beneficial as you begin to look for work after the completion of your dissertation.

Where Should I Look?

Funding Through an Organization/Foundation
While more challenging to get, there is funding available for research projects through foundations and external organizations. Some places to check include:

  1. Candid’s Grants for Individuals
  3. Research foundations specific to your field/topic of your research
  4. Research listservs or blogs related to your topic of research

What if I Need Help?

If you need help with where to start when researching for a grant, contact the university librarian at