Doctoral Writing Center

Common Questions

1. What happens after I submit the dissertation committee selection form?

After you submit your responses on the Dissertation Committee Selection form, the following will occur.

  • The Dissertation Director is emailed a copy of the doctoral candidate’s answers from the form.
  • The Dissertation Director will review the doctoral candidate’s selections to assess the match in terms of academic background, committee experience, subject-matter expertise, and committee role.
  • The Dissertation Director will return incomplete study descriptions to the student for correction/editing. The student will make necessary changes to the student’s Dissertation Committee selection list.
  • The Dissertation Director will contact each Committee Member to verify a match in the scope of the project and role designation.
  • Final approval of the selection will be made by the Dissertation Director and Program Chair.
  • The doctoral candidate will be informed of the final selections and will be asked to approve Dissertation Committee selections.
  • Upon approval, the Dissertation Director will inform Student Services, the Program Chair, and Registrar’s Office of the finalized Committee Members.
2. Do I get to choose my Dissertation Advisor?

No, your two Committee Members (one of whom will be your advisor) will be selected for you by the Dissertation Director. However, you will select your Dissertation Chair. For information on that, see here.

3. How often do I meet with my Chair?
Students should be meeting with their Chair weekly by Zoom. You can meet more frequently as needed or with other Committee members depending on where you are in the dissertation sequence.
4. Can I contact my Chair outside of scheduled meeting times?
Yes, and you are encouraged to do so. Make sure that you arrange a good method of communication in the first meeting with your chair (be that email, text or phone call).
5. How do I set up meetings with my Chair or Committee Members?
In your first meeting in your first dissertation class, make sure that you determine good days and times to contact your Chair and Committee members and what method best suits your schedule. This can be by text, email, phone or Zoom meetings.
6. How do I know when my Committee Members have been selected for me?
You will be contacted by the Dissertation Director.
7. Will any of my Committee members help me to edit my dissertation?

No, your Committee will focus on the content of your work. You can set an appointment with a Doctoral Writing Center Specialist to get specific feedback on the language of your work. Set up a consultation here.